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Rooted device Software ProductPhone Information v12.1inPocket Report date 20 jan. 2020 09:50:41 Device information Device ModelSamsung Galaxy S9(SM-G960F)BrandSamsungProductStarltexxSerial# (Samsung)R58K92SDPJXSerial#25912d783e057ece Body Weight163 g (5,75 oz)Dimensions147,7 x 68,7 x 8,5 mm(5,81 x 2,70 x 0,33 in) Operating system Android9 (Pie)API level28Security patch level2019-10-01System uptime39 minutes, 48 secondsRoot accessCharacteristics detected[/sbin/su] BootloaderG960FXXU7CSJ1BuildLightROMOpenGL ES3.2Java VM2.1.0Architectureaarch6432…

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