Writing Karmas stuff

My new Smart Watch

Looks right.. two ✌️ years younger physic 👍We'll see how long this Smart Watch will live.. I use to break stuff or loose it somewhere. Not the best focus when it comes to "stuff". Stuff is just stuff. Nuff said // KINGHKO.COM 👑

Get Spotify EXKLUSIVE Premium * NO Ads * Play which song you want * Listen to whole song * Change quality to 'Extreme' *** All features that Premium got.***** No Subscription = no more payments ***** Visit the website for PROOF.— Recording my display when i use Spotify and its…

Stressig dag

Vaknar upp utan min medicin. Ska vara på Östra Sjukhuset kl 13.Sen Frivården kl 13:30. Ringde ett samtal 🤙 - Åkte o löste min medicin. Gick sedan före alla i kön på Östra. Sitter nu (kl 13:35) på vagnen och skriver detta. Snacka om stressigt. Tvungen fixa hundvakt till min…