Mi Fit Smart Band Review and Video

Mi Fit Smart Band Review and Video

I have had this little gadget for some days now til my Xiaomi Mi T10 PRO..

Really neet little dadget. I had before a “smart watch” from Wish ® ™.. That one broke after two days. This one shall have a battery life of 14 days.. I’ve got it for like 4 days and it’s on 53% battery. When I said broke after two days I shall include that That battery didn’t last longer then few hours.
Whatch me handling the smart band. (I had to put soundtrack cos my gf yelled over something)

With the App included,”Mi fit” it was just rapp it around my handle wrist and it’s paired with phone real easy.

Every setting you need is in there, and you can add extras too. Change them on 1 click. Whole thing really fast, smart and pretty damn good of what it shall be doing. Collect data.

So far so good. We’ll see if I droop it before I brake it.

I also read it was #5 gadget by popularity 2021 in the world. For like $30 it’s actually worth it I guess. I got it brand new from Operator 3 for 1SEK (1 cent) +Mi Earplugs 👍


Varit ute o gått lite

Varit ute o gått lite

Inte illa pinkat. Ligger högt över medel.

life is hard, but life is ours, we do what we want

A “quote” i live after, and more should. Be honest to your self and everything will works fine. With honesty you’ll come longer then you can belive. Karma is for real and honesty gives good karma, very good!

Nuff said…… N O T! More is on the way..


Gol på riktigt

Gol på riktigt

Kan inte bli mer gol än dettta. I princip den man litade på mest, golade mig rakt av med för och efternamn. Han hade precis fått välja av flertal jackor från denna smash n’ grab som han var väl medveten om hur jackorna hade kommit till. Men sen efter försöker saamma person mula mig fucking dagen efter jag kom ut från häktet efter en månad. Låg o sov o väcktes av knytnävslag sen viftaades det med rakblad – 30 stygn bara i ansiktet.

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