”I am Legend”

Well, the picture says it so it got to be true!

Or maybe not… But pretty damn a like that Bitmoji thou’.

Don’t forget to get your free Spotify Premium App with no subscription – No ads – Full Premium functions;

Free Spotify EXCLUSIVE Premium at

If you doubt it (I probably should) There is PROOF on in such of a Screen Recorder when I’m using this Spotify App as it was Premium. I can choose whatever song a like to play (not shuffle as in free version).

But the best part is;

  • No Subscription
  • No Ads
  • Full Premium Features
  • You keep your same login/pass
  • .. Means that you keep your Playlist
  • Go to

What’s the catch…?

well,. you pay ONE fee to get the ’.APK-file’ to us.
Then as soon you switch phone you just install this same APK-file – Login with same l/p and you’re all set.

I have used this app in numerous phones for some years now. And still haven’t paid a cent or heard an as


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