New week – new problems.

Or new week – I don’t give a fuck…
Yes, that felt more real to write…

The sun β˜€ is shining but still, doesn’t like this Country (πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ)
At All.

Well, I don’t like the average Swedish persons ideology and thinking.
Everyone follows these “unwritten rules” what’s ok and what’s not due to a unwritten rule of course.

This difference explain this country pretty good. Take Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ for example.

In Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ you work to live.

In Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ you live to work.

If you understand that then you understand.

Felt more like home in Spain then it does in Sweden..

Gotta move – have no kids, no job, nothing that holding me here, im 34 years old, I’m in my best shape ever, shape i mean mentally and Narcotics.

It’s now when i have no other responsibility then myself I should enjoy life no mather what that takes to accomplish..

I know now I have other options that I didn’t think of before πŸ’―πŸ‘

We’ll see whathappens,, the only thing that is for sure is that I’ve a sentence to sit off. So not much to loose

pz out.